Mary Smail Psychotherapist SW2


  • Therapy and Supervision in South London

What happens in a session?

When we first meet I will ask you to tell me about what issue it is that makes you look for therapy.  We may explore this through talking, or it may be that you would like to work though creative media. How we work will be your choice. I will ask you to tell me about your life so that we can explore what your story has been and what your are working towards. If we decided to work together we will set a contract which is an understanding between us around confidentiality, the session time, the session fee and other logistics.  We will also look at goals for the therapy and talk about how to review the work.   

 Sessions are 50 minutes long and are offered at the same time on a weekly basis.   I am not a therapist who keeps silent or takes on distant role, but will enter into the material you bring by listening, supporting and challenging you to listen to yourself and take what you hear seriously. The work is about us as a team listening to what is lost or hurt, frustrated or disempowered in your story and looking for the "soul-ution". Your Soul is the expert. My skills are about enabling you to trust yourself.

I am a member of the Health and Care Professions Council, the British Association for Dramatherapy, the Sesame Institute and the UKCP (United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy), and as such abide by their ethical frameworks. I will maintain confidentiality around any material a client brings.

What informs the therapy

"We do know that in a usual person who comes to therapy there is a torment of some kind, pathology of some kind.

And the first move is to affirm it – not fight it or even analyze it. Give the pathology shelter. Let it sit down in the chair".

James Hillman Inter Views page 24

My practice leans on:

  •  The Wounded Healer archetype as a means of understanding descent,depth as means of emerging soul story and soul-making.
  • Giving a place to shadow, pathology as described by James Hillman
  • The energy of field and what emerges when client and therapist can trust that there is more than the duo present
  • Lost ness, not knowing, slowing, vulnerablilty, meaning-making,
  • The reverie, image-laden language of Soul – supporting clients to discover and trust symbol and imagination.
  • The place of body in the therapy room as communicator of the unconscious, through the non-verbal.
  • The Inter Family Systems and Self Lead therapy which attends to the many inner parts we all have which need to work as a team rather than divide us. 
  • I am presently training in Eye Movement Dessensitization Reprocessing therapy (EMDR)
  • Assertion Training - working with ideas of Confidence, Low and High Self Esteem - the 'how to-s" of therapy to buid up your sense of functioning in the world.


     I work from an upstairs room in a house in SW2.  There is no lift, but the stair has a handrail.  There is parking around the house except from       10.00 am to 12.30 pm on.  The nearest tube is Brixton and then a five-stop bus ride or 20 minute walk.

  • Fees 

    The fee for a session is £55.00.  I offer a small number of reduced rate fee for people who are on benefits or in very exceptional circumstances. This can be discussed at a first meeting.

    Clients Write:

  • I started working with Mary because I felt anxious, and she helped me to take a different approach to that anxiety. Rather than fearing it, I was able to look at it and hold it gently - to understand that it was a part of me that was working very hard to try to protect me. I was then able to try to look for that part of me that could "speak" to the anxious part, and tell it that it didn't need to work so hard. This was the part that I needed to access, and with Mary's help feel much more in touch with. In our work together I've been calling it my hearth. Where the other parts of me can gain strength and nourishment.   Working with Mary has helped me feel more fully connected with myself, more integrated as a whole person and more able to gently assert my space and my truth in the world. I work in frontline services with refugees and have found Mary's soul work approach very pertinent to a job in which I sit with people's pain and bear witness to their suffering as whole people, rather than as cases. I feel that the work we've done together has helped me make my career in this field more sustainable and helped me approach my work and relationships with a new feeling of purpose and spaciousness to reflect - to be able to look at the troubled world as it is and work with strength, supported by self-care, towards the world as it should be... I'm not quite there yet, but this is what Mary's warmth, acceptance and ability to be caring while empowering rather than coddeling, has helped me to start working towards.  Thank you Mary.   ALICE                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

  • Mary's well-balanced professionalism and personality provides a safe, comfortable environment in which to work. The lightness and colour of the therapy room provide peaceful, easy surroundings and the range of tools we used both through talking and by using imagination helped me a lot to see things I had not known about before in my life.   ELLIS.   


    Mary Smail is an entirely unique woman. Being in her presence is to dwell with a being that is enlightened. In other words, she is wise, she understands, she knows. You will feel held, attended to and cared for if you are lucky enough to work with Mary. If you let her, she will help you discover your path to your own intuition. She is gentle and courageous. She is enchanting, but don't take my word for it, experience for yourself.   MARY FRANKLIN-SMITH,  DRAMATHERAPIST


    I spent a short time working with Mary.  I came because I was being bullied in my work as a fitness professional.   We worked through assertion training methods and I left feeling a bit more sure of myself. Recommended!  STEVE