Mary Smail Psychotherapist SW2

Mary Smail

Dramatherapy, Psychotherapy, Internal Family Systems Approach, Assertion/Self Esteem training, Spiritual Be-friending.  

If  you feel ...

  • anxious
  • depressed or struggling with low self worth
  • up against a brick wall
  • held back by inner critic attacks
  • conflicted by different parts of yourself which seem opposed
  • concerned about relationships
  • resentful of someone and unsure how to forgive
  • wondering about sexual orientation
  • wanting to be more creative
  • concerned about dyslexia or dyspraxia issues
  • wanting to think through a professional/work situation
  • wishing to explore spirituality or consider God-questions
  • hurt through misunderstanding in a  church situation
  • without someone who really  matters
  • in a grief or bereavement process
  • wondering about what happens when a Soul dies
  • dealing with areas of dying (your own or someone who you care about)
  • meeting the aging process of your parents or of a loved elder
  • if you are asked to "cheer up" when you feel down

then I am ready to meet you to see if we can work together to tell your story as you would like it to be.


I will provide a safe room and confidential time for you to bring what ever issue you would like to explore. New opportunities usually come to us through what seems most difficult. The gift is to trust that there is more than we see - the Soul story may not yet have had any space to be heard and recognised.  In their book, The Book of Forgiving, Mpho and Desmond Tutu talk about people needing to tell their story over and over again until it can be understood sufficiently to articulate what has held inside, locked away.   If we can then forgive  people who have hurt us, we are freed to move out victim role and no longer be defined by what has hurt or frightened us. For more on this see    Or come to Soulworks and talk!

The work can be focused and short term or it may need a longer on-going timescale.  We will work with whatever you bring. The work of Carl Jung, James Hillman, Thomas Moore, Robert Romanyshyn, Marian Billy Lindkvist and Richard Schwartz are the greatest inspirers of the way I work.

I am trained both in Psychotherapy  (talk therapy) and as a Creative Arts Therapist, (Sesame Dramatherapy).   This means I can offer the option to talk,  or to use a more imaginative, symbolic approach. I also draw heavily from the Inter Family Systems approach and am completing  the on-line IFS Inner Circle training. 

IFS is a innovative up-to-date approach which enables the client to learn how to listen to and befriend differing inner parts and attitudes as if they are characters,  each with a valid perspective.   People come to understand their inner critic, the shamed or frightened child, the addict, the procrastinator, the melancholic, the ambitious each in a new way.  When these are understood in their own right they can be viewed with compassion and integrated so that there is unity inside and less of the pulling in different ways which all humans experience.  All parts are welcome in this way of working.    

 As I am  an Assertion Trainer it may be that we work to build up your self esteem and confidence, giving you everyday skills to cope with relationship, work and life in general.  We address questions like: 

Are you aware that how  you behave and who you are may be very different?

Do you know the difference between being assertive and being aggressive?

Do you know your personal human rights and responsibilities?

Can you ask for help and can you say "No"?

Is your anger turning people away from you or do you never express it?

Are you able to give and take compliments?

How do you do socially and at parties?

I am registered to practice with the United Kingdom Council of Psychotherapists and with the Health and Care Professions Councils and am answerable to both these bodies, regularly reviewing my practice to ensure good practice.

Creative Therapy with Mary Smail