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Psyche and Soma at SoulWorks UK


Soul-making through the Sesame Approach 


 Wales September 2018


Psyche and Soma returned to South Wales in September 2018 after being birthed here in 2008. It seemed fitting to bring the course home to celebrate the 10th anniversary on Celtic lands.   This part-time course is for therapists and practitioners wishing to explore soul-making through the Sesame Approach.  This course created by Mary Smail former Director of Sesame UK and International from 1992 to 2015, is now on its 5th cohort of students.   Psyche and Soma enables participants to explore soul-making as a perspective from which to live life, firstly for themselves and then take what is learned back to other people.   

‘The soul is explored as the depth centre within each person, often disregarded because competitive standards of excellence devalue anything which has invisible, qualitative values.   Soul-making reverses this, welcoming lostness and disadvantage as portals into individuation – the process of becoming yourself which Carl Jung describes. It asks us to meet and stay with our shadow, as if it had a gift for us.’

Mary has been joined by Mandy Squires, one of the first graduates as co-facilitator, following on from the founding work of Gillian Downie.  Welsh practitioners Melanie Beer and Frankie Armstrong have also made vital contributions to the teaching team.  We are looking forward Professor Robert Romanyshyn joining us for the June module.   The course completes in October 2019 and will be offered again in early 2020 at our beautiful venue Llanyrafon Manor in Cwmbran.

Current course participant feedback:

"Psyche and Soma has been everything I hoped for, and more!

It's been such a privilege to train with such highly skilled facilitators, where there has also been very individual support for trainees, and lots of experiential learning and space to reflect. I've found it really deep and enriching... and extremely good fun as well!"  Abi Kingston, Counsellor

"Psyche and Soma is unlike any other form of training I've encountered. The Sesame approach perfectly honours the wisdom that the initial and primary source of knowledge is our personal experience and that logic and practical knowledge is derived and secondary. As a delegate you learn to create safe, boundaried and fertile playgrounds that enable your workshop participants to engage with rich scenarios, explore their unique experience and to take what they need from that encounter. The Sesame approach is truly magical and transformative."  Phil Hoffer Sunflower Counselling

Psyche and Soma.....

'A calling...

A synchronicity....

A knowing....

A journey....

An experience..... 

A finding of laughter and the voice to say 'No'...” Debbie Lawrence, Counsellor, Writer

Psyche and Soma is a rich journey into Sesame practice, ably helmed by Mary Smail and Mandy Squires with contributions from guest facilitators. Spanning story enactment, Laban movement, Natural voice work, Movement with Sound and Touch and Peter Slade’s Play therapy, the course gives students the opportunity to learn the building blocks of Sesame experientially and to practice the art of designing and leading Sesame sessions, from defining the therapeutic aim to receiving feedback from our course-mates and tutors. The heart of the Psyche and Soma process is its focus on making space to connect with Soul, and helping to identify and gently deconstruct the blocks and habits that might be suffocating or drowning a soulful connection out. I’d thoroughly recommend it for anyone who is looking to integrate Sesame into their practice, and anyone searching for space to listen to their Soul’s calling. 

Rosie Leach, Community Arts and Wellbeing


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